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Tania Norris, Salvia rosmarinus, Rosemary, quick watercolor study, © 2021

General Submission Information

BAGSC complies with ASBA standards for our local exhibitions in most circumstances, although there may be special exhibitions which have exceptions.

This page has general information about ASBA/BAGSC standards,  supporting links and documents. Be sure to read the submission requirements for each exhibition for the requirements and options specific to that exhibition.

Unless otherwise noted, only current BAGSC members in good standing are eligible to submit to BAGSC exhibitions.

Questions? Contact the BAGSC Exhibitions Chair by clicking here. Want to volunteer to help with BAGSC Exhibitions? Click the same link and let us know.


Original botanical artworks in the following media: watercolor, pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, mixed media, oil, acrylic, gouache, egg tempera, original prints (i.e. aquatints, etchings, etc.).


ASBA does not accept three-dimensional or digitally-generated artwork, including botanical sculptures, reproductions, photography, solar prints, or digital artwork. BAGSC may accept some of these types of artwork, depending on the exhibition. Please read the specifications for each exhibition carefully.


Per ASBA/BAGSC standards: Artwork images for submission must be digital files only: 300 dpi, image 8” high, .jpg file format.


The image file should be labeled with artist’s name, last name first and artwork title, with no spaces (for example, doe-jane-latin-plant-name.jpg).

It is important to submit high-quality scanned artwork to ASBA and BAGSC exhibitions for a number of reasons. For a juried exhibition, jurors will not be able to examine fine details of your artwork. Poor, blurry, or dark images may be automatically rejected. Additionally, for BAGSC exhibitions, high-quality scans have the opportunity to be selected for exhibition signage, catalogues, publicity, and for use on the BAGSC website. Poor quality scans will not be considered.

Click here for a link to an article on the ASBA website, written for The Botanical Artist by BAGSC member Deb Shaw about scanning botanical art.


Per ASBA standards: Artwork framing must be of professional quality. Frame criteria may change according to the venue. Always check the particular exhibition’s criteria for framing.


In general, ASBA and BAGSC require plain, simple L-profile, light-to-medium brown wood frames. No metal frames, no carving, no distressing, no decoration.


Artworks that are matted must be matted in white or off-white mats only. No color, tonal, black or gray liner mats or gold fillets are allowed.


Plexiglas only; no glass is allowed. UV-protected plexi is preferred, since we may not know the light exposure for the gallery or parts of the gallery in advance.


Frames must be wired for hanging. Preferred wiring includes D-ring hangers mounted 1/3 from the top, with heavy-duty hanging wire. Sawtooth style hangers are unacceptable, since they are incompatible with most gallery wall-hanging systems. Most exhibitions, including ASBA exhibitions, do not allow sawtooth hangers.

BAGSC Calls for Entries

BAGSC Calls for Entries can be found on the BAGSC Exhibitions page. Additional information may be posted on the BAGSC Blog, and sent out in email blasts to BAGSC members.


ASBA Calls for Entries

ASBA Calls for Entries can be found in The Botanical Artist journal; on the home page of the ASBA website; and on the Calls for Entries page of the ASBA website.

Open submissions for exhibitions by other ASBA Chapters and Circles and other exhibitions open to BAGSC members can also be found on the ASBA Calls for Entries page.


ASBA Exhibition Advice

The ASBA website has detailed information about exhibition submissions, framing, shipping, hosting exhibitions, publicity and more, including online reprints of related articles from The Botanical Artist journal. Click on any of the following links:

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