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BAGSC Exhibition at the Creative Arts Center in Manhattan Beach

Suzanne Kuuskmae

An exhibition at the Creative Arts Center in Manhattan Beach by BAGSC closed Friday, November 16, after a month-long stay. The show got off to a great start at our reception in early October when visitors were treated to the saxophone playing of Ken Gable with refreshments planned by Cristina Baltayian and participating artists. Over 60 paintings were shown by 15 artists. The venue showed our work beautifully in their high ceiling-ed, well-lighted gallery.

During the month of October, free lectures were offered each Saturday. Several were under the auspices of the Botanical Garden, covering gardening with native California plants, container gardening, and water conservation. On October 20, guild members Suzanne Kuuskmae taught a drawing class, and Gloria Whea-Fun Teng taught a Chinese Brush Painting class to over 15 enthusiastic participants.

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