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BAGSC in the Desert Blown-Out-of-the-Water Due to Storms

Clonard Thomas from the Aerie Art Garden has confirmed our worries: the desert is due for severe thunderstorms tomorrow, and so we need to postpone our trip until next week.

New date: March 6, 2010 Same times: arrive before noon or gates will close Same place: Aerie Art Garden (please see the prior blog posting)

Coachella Valley Watercolor Show Invite

Coachella Valley Watercolor Show Announcement

An added bonus is that next weekend, March 6 & 7  is the big Coachella Valley Watercolor Society show in Palm Desert. Kathy Dunham will be exhibiting in the show. The hours are 10 am – 5 pm at the Palm Desert Community Center, and admission is free. BAGSC members can have a two-for-one day in the desert at the Gardens, and also stop off to view the watercolors at the Coachella Valley show.

We’ll be sending out an email blast in addition to the blog posting about the change in dates for this weekend. Please help by double checking with folks that you know might have been planning to go this Saturday. Please also RSVP if you can with Leslie if you are planning to go next weekend.

Thanks, and sorry about Mother Nature. The flowers, however, should be stunning by next weekend with this added dose of water.

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