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Classes at the Virginia Robinson Gardens

The Virginia Robinson Gardens in Beverly Hills, CA is one of the best-kept secret gardens in the Los Angeles area. Margaret Best will be teaching botanical art at the Virginia Robinson Gardens; her next class will be:

JUNE 8, 9 and 10 Topic: Watercolor brush techniques for Botanical Art Basic plant elements such as petals and simple fruits will be selected for understanding the application of washes, glazes, color blending, color layering for increasing intensity. How to build form and shadow while avoiding making muddy colors and overworking the paper surface will be covered, as well as wet brush, dry brush and lifting techniques. The class will also focus on brushes and papers best suited to the various techniques required in creating Botanical Art.

For further information about this class or the schedule of classes, email the Virginia Robinson Gardens or download this file: VRG_BotArt_2010R.

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