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Listen and Download the Weird, Wild & Wonderful Symposium Keynotes

by Deb Shaw

Icon for the "Weird, Wild & Wonderful" Symposium keynotes, available for free from iTunes U > The Huntington.

Icon for the “Weird, Wild & Wonderful” Symposium keynotes, available for free from iTunes U > The Huntington.

The keynote lectures from the “Weird, Wild & Wonderful” Symposium have been made available in audio format by The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens for free, via iTunes U > The Huntington. To listen, go to: This link will take you to the iTunes U where you can hear all of the keynote talks from the symposium unedited, including:

  1. Jim Folsom’s opening remarks

  2. Dr. Jodie Holt, “Do you ‘see’ plants? Using Art and Technology to Teach Science”

  3. Mieko Ishikawa, “Painting the Wonder Plants of Borneo”

  4. Dr. Phillip Cribb, “The Art of Orchids”

  5. Dr. Alain Touwaide, “Plants, Artists, Languages: A Sense of Time and Places”

If you are having trouble connecting with the link above, go to The Huntington’s website, scroll down to the bottom of the page to the social media icons on the lower right side, and click on the iTunes U icon (the music notes). While there, take a look around at all of the free lectures offered by The Huntington.

The “Weird, Wild & Wonderful” Symposium was held this summer in conjunction with the southern California showing of Weird, Wild & Wonderful: The New York Botanical Garden Second Triennial Exhibition, Botanical Illustrations of Remarkable Plants, a traveling exhibition curated by the American Society of Botanical Artists.

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