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“Losing Paradise? Endangered Plant Species Here and Around the World”

ASBA, Opening 2009 (Tentative Date)

To increase public awareness of plants that are threatened with extinction here and around the world, the ASBA will be collaborating with the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and the Center for Plant Conservation to produce an exhibition of endangered plants. This juried exhibition will include approximately 45 original artworks in 3 framed sizes: 24” X 18”, 30” X 24”, and 40” X 34”. These sizes can be horizontal or vertical, and the work need not be for sale. “Losing Paradise?” promises to be an exciting project that will build relationships between artists, institutions, conservation organizations, scientists, and horticulturists.

Submission Deadline: May 2008

Additional information can be found at the ASBA website:

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