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Margaret Best to be Artist in Residence on “The Art of the Tulip” River Tour

by Margaret Best, posted by Deb Shaw

"The Art of the Tulip" Select River Cruises with Margaret Best, Artist-in-Residence.

“The Art of the Tulip” Select River Cruises with Margaret Best, Artist-in-Residence.

BAGSC member Margaret Best will be the Artist in Residence on a unique river cruise through the Low Countries focusing on “The Art of the Tulip.”

Onboard the MS Select Bellejour, participants will enjoy lectures about the history and cultural impact of the tulip. Demonstrations will be combined with botanical art instruction, including one-on-one attention from the instructor.

Margaret is a regular teacher at the Dundas Valley School of Art in Canada. She is one of three teachers at the school selected to be an Artist in Residence on Select River Cruises in 2017.

Margaret Best teaching.

Margaret Best teaching.

To coincide with Tulip Time in April, Margaret will be offering lectures on the Art of the Tulip from the Ottoman era to contemporary portrayal, while traveling luxuriously on the waterways of the region. She will be also offering instruction on keeping an illustrated journal of this memorable trip with spectacular tulip specimens and other seasonal flowers both on board and in famous gardens, like Keukenhof to name but one.

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