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The ASBA Online Auction

by Jennifer Muto; and Rose Marie James, ASBA On-Line Manager; posted by Deb Shaw

As you know, ASBA continues to be a wonderful resource for all information about what is happening in the world of botanical art. It brings us together in the way of conferences, a terrific quarterly magazine and as a means of showing our work to the world through exhibitions, our website gallery and our annual on-line auction.

The ASBA online auction offers us the most exposure because it provides a broad opportunity for friends and associates, and their friends and acquaintances, to see and purchase our work through social media. It benefits everyone – you the artist, the buyers and ASBA.

ASBA needs the help of our members to participate in this very important fundraiser. Submit an original piece or a gicleé print you have in your library of work. If it’s an original you get half the sale price back. This is about the same as any gallery but the balance goes to our wonderful organization.

Please help support the ASBA so that we can continue to provide those enriching resources we have all come to enjoy. The ASBA On-Line Auction is approaching its submission deadline in eight days, on Monday, March 13th. Here is the link to the ASBA website where you can register to participate in the online aution. Just send a digital copy of your art and the PDF application form and you are good to go. It will make us happy.

You may have seen the copy below in the recent ASBA highlights newsletter.  We would love to get more submissions from ASBA members and was hoping you’d be willing to submit something and/or reach out to your ASBA friends to help us rally submissions.  No submission is too small!

Tick tock, tick tock. Time is getting short. The ASBA Online Auction needs you! You need the Online Auction! It’s a Win-Win! It’s a chance to show your botanical artwork to a world-wide audience. Plus, if you make a sale of an original work, 50 percent comes back to you, and you help ASBA at the same time. It really is easy to send a digital image of your art (sized to 72 dpi, 8 inches high) with a brief description of the art work or item, plus its value. You may submit one or more original pieces, or giclée prints (five per artist maximum), art materials or equipment, and classes. Here – is the link for further details and submission – just click it – it is easy! We’ll take care of the rest. Deadline to submit:  March 13th, 2016. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you in October at Filoli for the ASBA Conference & Annual Meeting!
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