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The BAGSC Quarterly Meeting is Coming Up 4 June

By Clara Josephs

The June 4 BAGSC quarterly meeting is approaching! We will meet at 9:45 am at the San Marino home of BAGSC member Cordelia for a tour of her unique and amazing garden. The tour should last about an hour. Please RSVP to Alyse, our secretary. She will send you additional details about the day.

After the tour we will travel to the Los Angeles Arboretum for the business portion of our meeting. We will meet under the library, down the ramp, in the Bamboo Room. We plan to start the meeting no later than 12 noon. Please bring a sack lunch and drink. Food is available at the Peacock Cafe, however, lines can be long on the weekend.

Your tour of Cordelia’s garden will be greatly enhanced by reading her article that explains the inspiration for the garden and some of the construction specifics that went into its creation. You should have received a blast email with the article, address and specifics. If not, please email Deb.

The last BAGSC quarterly meeting, with the tour of the UC Riverside Botanic Garden was cancelled due to rain. We have a lot to cover at this meeting. Looking forward to seeing you on June 4!

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