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September 2022 Quarterly Members' Meeting
with Guest Speaker Robin Carlson

Our third all-members' quarterly meeting of 2022 will be on

Saturday, September 10
9:30 am Pacific Time

Open to BAGSC members and non-members


Get info on upcoming exhibitions, workshops, and plans for our 25th anniversary celebration! “Doors open” about 9:15 am and the meeting formally begins at 9:30.

After a short meeting, our speaker will be Robin Carlson, biologist and natural science illustrator, who presented one of our very popular Zoom talks last year. Robin will be returning to talk about transforming her five years of sketch documentation of the Cold Canyon Fire burn area into an inspiring book recently published by Heyday Books,

If you would like to order Robin's book, the special BAGSC discount code is: Green Shoots for 20 percent off The Cold Canyon Fire Journals when you order from Heyday at the website above.

Typically, our quarterly meetings are reserved for BAGSC members. BAGSC is opening this meeting to non-members and guests, at no charge, to meet the growing and intense interest in using our visual skills to capture the human impact on climate in local areas. Join us for a riveting program. 


The program will be recorded; all registrants will receive a link to the recording following the program.


Questions about the meeting?
Contact our Meetings Chair at

Tech issues? Contact


We hope to see you there!


More about the program

The Cold Canyon Fire Journals: Green Shoots and Silver Linings in the Ashes is the culmination of five years exploring the legacy of the wildfires that have twice burned Stebbins Cold Canyon Reserve. This is a story of fire as a source of transformation and renewal, rewriting wildfire as an elemental power that does not destroy the diverse habitats of California but nourishes them. This workshop will focus on how Robin's work started as a sketchbook/reportage project and turned into a book. Robin will talk about the journey from an almost entirely visual project to one that has a significant literary component as well, and about how she integrated visual and narrative storytelling. She will also discuss the ecoreportage aspect of the project, especially what it has meant to continue the project for seven years. She will talk about what she has learned, where she is planning to go next, and details about her materials and methods. The workshop will involve multiple drawing demonstrations and will be interactive throughout.

Information at a Glance



Saturday, September 10, 2022,

9:30 am Pacific Time

This is an online, Zoom presentation. 
Everyone is welcome!

This presentation will be recorded.

Contact BAGSC Meetings Committee by clicking here.

Contact BAGSC Media Committee by clicking here.

About our Presenter


Robin Lee Carlson is an author and natural science illustrator with a particular interest in how landscapes and ecological communities change over time.

Robin started out as a biologist and spent sixteen years managing projects to track and analyze stream habitat restoration projects for salmon and steelhead. As an illustrator, Robin has created artwork for groups including the UC Natural Reserve System, the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County, Caltrans, and the Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership. She is currently focused on ecosystem dynamics after disruption, especially how species and habitats respond to wildfire and changing fire regimes in the West. Robin’s work can be found on her website and Instagram.

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