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Laurel Tucker Krishock, Punica granatum, In Winter, © 2019, from "Plants of Asia" exhibition.

About the Guild

The Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California (BAGSC) is a chapter of the American Society of Botanical Artists, dedicated to encouraging the development of botanical art and the promotion of public awareness of this artistic tradition. We strive to illustrate the diversity of plant life, as well as bring attention to those species and ecosystems which are imperiled.

Guild members are committed to improving their artistry and technical abilities. The Guild supports and sponsors workshops with local experts and visiting lecturers in areas such as drawing and painting botanical subjects, botany, calligraphy, and resources.

Members of the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California come from a variety of backgrounds and professions. Each person brings with them a wide range of knowledge, creative and technical skills. We warmly welcome people who share our interests and goals.

Our Botanical Art Heritage

Throughout history, botanical artists have provided us with a powerful heritage. They sailed with explorers and recorded the plants of newly-discovered lands. They enhanced scientific understanding of medicinal herbs, and captured the exquisite beauty of all that grows. Today, botanical artists seek to understand the legacy of botanical art, continue this artistic tradition and contribute to our understanding of plants in our environment.

A Commitment to Lifelong Learning and Collaboration

The Guild sponsors workshops with local and visiting instructors in botanical art, drawing and painting, botany, and related disciplines. The Guild holds shows exhibiting members’ work at recognized venues. We are committed to providing educational outreach to the public and encourage joint projects with other institutions, organizations, and groups.

How the Guild Began

In 2017, BAGSC celebrated the 20th Anniversary of its founding, and, in 2022, BAGSC will celebrate its 25th.


A lot has happened since the organization began with the first meeting of nine people in 1997. Gilly Shaeffer, our second Guild President wrote the history of the organization. You can read it by clicking here.


Members of the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California come from a variety of backgrounds. Each person brings a wide range of knowledge, creativity and technical skills. We warmly welcome people who share our interests and goals.

Membership to the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California is provided through membership in our parent organization, American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA).


  • Annual dues to ASBA is $95 for US residents; $120 for international residents.

  • An additional $15 (for both US and international residents) is the annual dues to join our local chapter, the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California.


Memberships are for a calendar year, January through December. Membership to both ASBA and the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California, can be accomplished online; members who prefer to send in their dues by mail may download a PDF membership form.

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits for BAGSC and ASBA include:

  • Online galleries on both BAGSC and ASBA websites

  • Quarterly ASBA Journal, The Botanical Artist, plus information through blogs, email newsletters, websites and social media

  • Exhibition opportunities for juried and non-juried exhibitions, local, US and international

  • Great workshops, classes, field trips and lectures by local, US and international experts

  • An inspiring group of artists

Membership in the Guild is open to all who are interested in learning more about botanical art. Artists, collectors, and nature lovers are welcome to become part of our efforts to stimulate awareness and appreciation of the art of botanical illustration. Members are eligible to exhibit their work in our online galleries and in public exhibitions sponsored by the Guild each year. Since 1998, our Guild exhibits our members' work in or around the Los Angeles area. Throughout the year, the Guild sponsors and organizes workshops in various media for our members. The Guild meets several times a year to conduct business, hold educational activities, and plan upcoming events. Periodic mailings and e-mails keep members up-to-date on local activities, technical tips, and available resources.


Questions about Membership in BAGSC and ASBA? Contact Us

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