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ユキツバキ(加筆後)_Camellia rusticana.jpg

Akiko Enokido, detail of Camellia rusticana, © 2015, watercolor on vellum.

Call for Entries
Gifts from Japan: A Horticultural Tale told through Botanical Art

Exhibition Requirements,

Submission and Payment Forms

  1. Carefully read all the information on this page about the exhibition. Questions? Contact the BAGSC Exhibitions Chair by clicking here.

  2. Click on the green "Register Now" button in the right column to fill out the online Exhibition Submission form for this show and pay the entry fee.

  3. Email your high-resolution artwork scans to the BAGSC Exhibitions Chair by clicking here.

Want to volunteer to help with BAGSC Exhibitions? Contact the BAGSC Exhibitions Chair by clicking here.

Intent to Submit

This exhibition has a tight timeline. Older works are acceptable, as well as recent works! Artwork submissions should follow standard ASBA guidelines. Depicted plants must comply with the species listed in the "Subjects" PDF (below), in a contemporary botanical art style and format.


If you are thinking about submitting, we would appreciate it if you could fill out the short and quick "Intent to Submit" form as soon as possible by clicking here.

Submitting this form does not obligate you to submit to the exhibition, but will help us plan. Thank you for your help!


Current members in good standing of BAGSC, the Pacific Northwest Botanical Artists, and the Oregon Botanical Artists circle are invited to submit to this important exhibition.


$35 US to submit up to three (3) works.


Original botanical artworks in the following media: watercolor, pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil, mixed media, oil, acrylic, gouache, egg tempera, original prints (i.e., aquatints, etchings, etc.).


This exhibition will only show original works. Giclée prints will not be accepted.


The theme of our portion of the exhibition will be botanical artworks of ornamental and garden plants that originated in Japan and were exported to the United States and the world. The following is a preliminary list of subjects that coordinate with The Huntington’s display of Kawarazaki Shodo’s (1889 – 1973) woodblock prints, Flowers of Japan.


This is not an exhaustive list of possible subjects. If your subject has Japanese parentage, or is a hybrid with part of its origin in Japan, please ask us if it can be included in the submission by emailing the BAGSC Exhibition Chair. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Click here to download an extensive list of subjects.

Acceptance criteria

This is a juried exhibition that will be curated for works that fit with the overarching theme of the exhibition, as well as meeting the requirements for botanical accuracy. If there are more works submitted than space allows, the jurors will make every attempt to include at least one artwork from each artist.

Sale of artwork

Artwork can be offered for sale during this exhibition, or can be listed as "not for sale" at the artist's discretion. Artists' contact information will be available for visitors who wish to contact the artists directly with artwork purchase inquiries, regardless of whether or not the artwork in the exhibition is for sale.

Whether or not the artwork is for sale will not impact selection of artwork for the exhibition. Sales are not required.

The Portland Japanese Garden will take a 40 percent commission on each artwork sale, and will coordinate shipping with the buyer and information and payment to the artists. Shipping of purchased artwork to buyers will be arranged after the exhibition closes. Payment to the artists will be sent approximately one month after the exhibition closes. The state of Oregon does not charge sales tax.

Submission scans

Artwork images for submission must be digital files only: 300 dpi, image
8” high, .jpg or .tif file formats.


The image file should be labeled with artist’s name, last name first and artwork title, with no spaces—for example:


Additional information about scanning can be found on the BAGSC page "General Submission Information" by clicking here.


Framing will be to ASBA standards, matted in white or off-white mats, with Plexiglas only. UV-protected plexi is preferred. Glass will not be accepted.


Mats should be of professional quality with no liners. Frames should be simple, L-profile gallery frames, light to medium brown wood or gold wood.


Works which are poorly presented, or  do not meet the standard shown in the digital entry image will not be hung. Artwork must be wired for hanging.

Frames must be wired for hanging with D-ring hangers and heavy-duty hanging wire. Sawtooth style hangers are unacceptable.

Additional information about framing can be found on the BAGSC page "General Submission Information" by clicking here.


611 SW Kingston Avenue
Portland, OR 97205



May 14 – July 4, 2022


March 21


March 28

Saturday, May 14, 2022


Robert Hori

Gardens Cultural Curator & Programs Director

The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens

Tania Norris

President, Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California

Akiko Enokido

Botanical Artist

Beth Stone

Botanical Artist

BAGSC Downloadable Exhibition Submission Form

If you cannot use the online form and need to mail or email an entry form instead, download the generic "universal" entry form by clicking on either the PDF icon below or the Word document icon (.docx) download the form.

If you are mailing (snail mail the Entry Form, please email the BAGSC Exhibitions Chair to let them know your entry form is on the way!

Mail the entry form to:


137 N Larchmont Boulevard, 105

Los Angeles CA 90004

BAGSC Exhibition
Artwork Labels

Each artwork that appears in a BAGSC-sponsored exhibition must have specific artist information firmly adhered to the back. Download and fill out the label form by clicking on either the PDF icon below or the Word document icon (.docx) to download the form. You are welcome to create your own form, as long as it contains all necessary information.

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