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Participant Agreement of Understanding for
BAGSC Activities

By registering to participate in an in-person or online activity sponsored by The Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California (BAGSC) you agree to the following:
Each person who participates, accesses and/or views any activity must be individually registered.  Registration is valid for the named registrant only. Registrants will be provided with an access code to each online activity. Registration is non-transferable and should not be shared with others who are not registered.
Intellectual Property Acknowledgement
The instructions, demonstrations and material presented during in-person and online activities are the intellectual property of the presenter and all artwork displayed during an online activity in covered by copyright. Therefore, recording, retaining or redistributing any portion of an in-person or online activity is prohibited.
Technology/Online Access
To participate in an online activity, you will need to have access to a personal computer, tablet, or mobile device. No special application is required to access Zoom other than your unique access code.
Privacy on Zoom
You will need to agree to Zoom’s terms of service and privacy policy found at:

You understand that anything typed into the Zoom chat or ask in the Q & A sessions may be visible to hosts, presenters and other participants.


You understand that Zoom meetings that are recorded may show participants, their conversations and questions, and their work. You understand and give permission that your participation may be visible to those who view the recording later.
If for any reason you are unable to agree to any of the sections listed above, please contact BAGSC for a refund of your registration fee and your access to the online activity will be cancelled.

BAGSC’s Privacy Policy & Collection of your Personal Information
BAGSC Privacy Policy is available at:


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