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Native bee on White Sage,

Salvia apiana, © 2023, Deborah B Shaw

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"Saging the World" Screening
Earth Day 2023

As a follow-up to our fifth annual 'Day of Botanical Art' this past February,

BAGSC is honored to present "Saging the World," a short, award-winning documentary about the movement to protect the White Sage (Salvia apiana), which only occurs in southern California and northern Baja California, Mexico.

This online presentation is offered free to BAGSC members and the public. It will not be recorded.


To receive the Zoom link, RSVP by clicking on the button in the column to the right.

Sage smudging has become a viral trend, common in movies, TV shows, social media, and cleansing rituals—people burning sage bundles in the hope of purifying space and clearing bad energy. Instead of healing, the appropriated use of saging in popular culture is having a harmful effect.

Indigenous communities have tended a relationship with white sage for thousands of generations. Today, poachers are stealing metric tons of this plant from the wild to supply international demand. The documentary film Saging the World spotlights the ecological and cultural issues intertwined with white sage, centering on the voices of Native advocates who have long protected and cherished this plant.

This short documentary was produced by Rose Ramirez, Deborah Small, and the California Native Plant Society to foster awareness and inspire action for white sage. For more information on the film and ways to protect white sage, visit the Saging the World website. And get a preview of the film by watching the Saging the World Official Trailer.

As botanical artists, this important work dovetails with our efforts to communicate the importance of plants in the world and raise awareness about environmental stewardship, ecological sustainability, and plant conservation. [The ASBA Code of Ethics can be found on their website by clicking here; and on the BAGSC website by clicking here.]


Screening: "Saging the World"

Panel speakers: Rose Ramirez and Ami Admire














Information at a Glance



EARTH DAY: Saturday, April 22, 2023

10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time



FREE to all!

This event will NOT be recorded.

Contact BAGSC Education Committee by clicking here.

Contact BAGSC Media Committee by clicking here.

Screening of "Saging the World"

Panel discussion:

Rose Ramirez

Ami Admire

About our Presenters


Rose Ramirez (Chumash/Yaqui descent), has a BA in American Studies and an MA in Public History. She is a photographer, filmmaker and California Indian basket weaver. She has worked with Native artists, documents California Indian culture and has written a number of articles on this subject.

Rose has lectured on photography, ethnobotany and basketweaving. She and her husband, Joe Moreno, have been working with the California Indian communities south of the border for almost twenty years.

Rose, together with Deborah Small, and supported by the California Native Plant Society, produced an award-winning documentary to foster understanding and inspire action for white sage. Deborah Small is an artist, photographer, and Professor Emerita at California State University San Marcos. She is a member of the Chia Cafe Collective, and was instrumental in helping to produce their publication, Cooking the Native Way. Her collaborative public art as well as her individual and collaborative exhibitions have been shown internationally.

Rose and Deborah's most recent book is the Ethnobotany Project: Contemporary Uses of Native Plants of Southern California and Northern Baja California Indians, first published in 2016, and re-published in English and Spanish by the Malki Museum Press in 2018.

In 2010 they published Edible, Medicinal, Material, Ceremonial: Contemporary Ethnobotany of Southern California Indians, available as a free download at:


Ami Admire is Payómkawichum from the Rincon Indian Reservation located within the boundaries of California’s Assembly District 75.

She is the Executive Director of ‘ataaxum Pomkwaan, For the People, a youth-serving organization whose mission is to provide community resources centered around healing and improved mental health for the continued survival of Native and Indigenous peoples.


Ami also is a two-term Assembly Delegate for California’s Assembly District 75 within the Democratic Party. She and her team have a shared vision for an equitable future for all, and are one of several teams to receive a 2019 National Indian Health Board Impact Award for making a difference in their community. 


Learn more about ‘ataaxum Pomkwaan by clicking here.

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