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BAGSC's Fantastic Upcoming Event - A Day at the San Diego Zoo with Lesley Randall

Mixed media of an Asclepias by Lesley Randall © 2024
Lesley Randall, Asclepias Mixed Media ©2024

Are you ready for a fun and unique BAGSC in-person event? Members will have the rare opportunity to experience a special workshop and plant tour of the San Diego Zoo with Lesley Randall and her horticulture colleagues. Family and friends accompanied by a BAGSC member are welcome to join for this 1-1/2 hour walking tour. This special event will take place on May 20, 2024 between 9 am and 3 pm (Pacific Time).

Lesley is a Botanical Artist and Botanical Illustrator, as well as horticulture manager at the San Diego Zoo. Lesley creates beautiful intricate pen and ink botanical illustrations that accompany botanist's written descriptions of plants. In recent years, Lesley has been working in mixed media, combining her love of pen and ink with watercolor and colored pencil to create bold vibrant art.

For this special in person BAGSC event, members will choose between TWO tour options. Below is a description of each tour.

Tour A: Basecamp and Orchid House, a FLAT walking tour.  Explore Basecamp and Hummingbird House, along with the Orchid Collection Greenhouse. Basecamp is designed as a children's area, and includes a focus on adaptations to desert, tropical, wetlands, and temperate ecosystems.

Tour B: Africa Rocks and Carnivorous Plants, a walk that includes a (fairly steep) HILL. The Carnivorous Greenhouse is a flat walking tour, while the Africa Rocks area offers views of many Proteas along a walk that includes a long hill.

After the tour, workshop registrants will go to an off-site location for lunch and a mixed media art workshop by Lesley Randall, who was one of our BAGSC artists featured at this year’s Day of Botanical Art in February. Family members and friends may stay at the zoo all day while workshop attendees meet off-site for lunch and learning.


Paeonia californica, Lesley Randall, Mixed Media ©2024
Lesley Randall, Paeonia californica, Mixed Media © 2024

Mixed media is a fun way to incorporate color into a pen and ink drawing. Ink can be paired with watercolor and/or color pencil to create either bold, dramatic pieces or a more subtle balance of ink and color. As a lover of ink, Lesley will focus on the bolder style in this workshop, but will also demonstrate more subtle techniques with ink. Participants will be encouraged to explore and develop their own style in this short workshop.

Workshop attendees will explore varying line weights, contour line and stippling to create an ink base drawing then add layers of color to finish a small piece of botanical art. Subject selection, inking methods, paper selection and transferring a sketch to final paper will also be covered.

Register soon for this unique BAGSC event!

Information and registration can be found at:

OR skip directly to the registration form by clicking this link:

Workshop class size is limited, so register soon. Tours are not limited in size.

For those who want to make it a weekend or extend their stay, this link comes from the San Diego Zoo website:

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