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Focus on Nature XIV to Announce Call for Entries Soon

by Deb Shaw

Focus on Nature XIV (FON XIV) has announced they will open in November, 2016 at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute (RTPI) in Jamestown, New York. It is an exciting collaboration between two institutions dedicated to continuing the tradition of natural history illustration. RTPI is a beautiful facility with exceptional exhibition space.

The entry deadline for FON XIV will be March 16, 2016. They will be posting the on-line entry form on the website (and I will hopefully receive an email alert as well, so I can post it to the BAGSC blog). Please check the FON website often as they are in the process of updating.

BAGSC and ASBA members have been well represented through the years in the FON exhibitions. Visit the FON website to view artwork from past exhibitions and award winners.

Stay tuned!

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