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Registration is Open for the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators Conference

by Deb Shaw

Poster for the GNSI 2014 Conference, © 2014, GNSI

Poster for the GNSI 2014 Conference, © 2014, GNSI

Many BAGSC and ASBA members also belong to The Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI). If you’ve wanted to attend a GNSI Conference, or learn more about this wonderful organization, this is a great year to do so. The GNSI Conference will be held in Boulder, Colorado this year in July and will include a field trip to the Denver Botanical Gardens, as well as presentations, workshops and field trips important to botanical artists.

Join the GNSI in Boulder, where the mountains meet the plains!

Come and enjoy a one of a kind experience and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow illustrators in a beautiful setting. The Conference is filled with presentations, workshops and field trips designed to inspire. Some concentrate on technique, with experts in drawing, painting, scratchboard, block printing, Photoshop, Illustrator, and digital devices sharing their expertise. Others focus on the gritty details of making a living in this challenging, but exciting career. With so many choices, participants can customize their learning experience under the inspirational setting of Boulder’s Flatirons and modern Colorado University campus.

Register before May 30th and SAVE $50 on Full Registration!

  1. Live Animal Drawing

  2. Building Backgrounds for Animal Subjects

  3. Sculpting Insects in Polymer and Wire

  4. Beginning Photoshop

  5. Make Your Own Sketchbook, Then Use It!

  6. Sketch A Storybook

  7. Discovering Scratchboard Techniques

  8. Colored Pencil Possibilities

  9. Painting Small Animals

  10. Osteology Sketching

  11. From Sketch to Print

  12. Intermediate Photoshop

  13. Modeling in 3DS Max

  14. Adobe Illustrator for Science Illust: Symbols

  15. Sculpting Fossils, 2-day workshop

  16. Watercolor, 2-day workshop

  17. Social Media for Artists

  18. Personal productivity with your iPad

  19. Contract and Copyright

  1. Shanahan Ridge

  2. Dinosaur Ridge

  3. Eldorado/Fowler Hike

  4. CU Extravaganza

  5. Wild Animal Sanctuary

  6. NOAA Tour

  7. Celestial/Dushanbe Teahouse

  8. Avery Brew Pub

  9. Denver Botanic Gardens/Natural History Museum

  10. Rocky Mountain National Park, 2-day trip

  1. Birth of the Beehive’s Mesoamerica Resiste Illustration

  2. Create Your Own Jobs and Get Paid to Travel

  3. Using illustration to Teach ‘Critical Looking’ in a Zoology Lab

  4. Making Photos and Art Press Ready

  5. Hand-Painted Linoleum Block Prints

  6. (Not Always) Funny Pages: Science Through Sequential Art

  7. Marvelous Mucus: Learning about the Little-Known World of Land Snails

  8. Tactile Graphics: Images for the Blind

  9. Gyotaku -What your Third Grade Art teacher didn’t tell you

  10. Japan and its Fish Markets – a look at the fish art and culture of Japan

  11. Saving a Tropical Jewel in the Heart of Vancouver

  12. Nature Based Sculpture

  13. iPad Tips and Tricks

  14. How to Work Faster Photoshop: Shortcuts and File Setups

  15. Ready, Set, Sell! Proactive Marketing Strategies

  16. Teaching Illustration as a Biology Course

  17. The case of the Missing Beak: Kati the Kea

  18. Saving the Kakapo from extinction–Expedition to New Zealand

  19. Creating backgrounds combining traditional and digital techniques

  20. Art Creation From the Client’s Point of View

  21. Lighting and Textures: Optimizing Your Renders

  22. Botanical Illustration–Then and Now

  23. Illustrating Nature: Stylized Realism for Children’s Books

  24. An Exploration in Public Health Communication

Hope to see you in Boulder in July!

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