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BAGSC Members at the 18th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition at Filoli

by Melanie Campbell-Carter and Gilly Shaeffer, posted by Deb Shaw

The opening day of the 18th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition at Filoli was a most extraordinary day from start to finish! New BAGSC member and Filoli student Ellie Tu had graciously delivered all the BAGSC paintings to Woodside the week before. At dawn on Thursday, April 7, Gilly Shaeffer, Mitsuko Schultz, Cristina Baltayian and Melanie Campbell-Carter arose and departed for a fabulous day at Filoli Gardens. Our first stop was to view the 65 lovely botanical paintings from the US and the Netherlands. Gilly said, “The quality of the paintings this year was truly inspiring!”

It was a magical day in the gardens. With picture-perfect sunny skies and warm breezes, we could not resist enjoying the gorgeous grounds in full spring bloom. The Filoli volunteers made our visit very special by sharing all their knowledge about the history of the estate, even giving a quick personal tour of the home. The Mark Catesby and select pieces of the Filoli and Highgrove Florilegiums prints were exhibited in the ballroom, and well worth a visit.

When the crowd gathered at the reception for the presentation of awards, we were thrilled to hear that Melanie Campbell-Carter was presented the Roth Award, “for distinction with an emphasis on traditional botanical art presentation” for her Duabanga grandiflora. Lee McCaffree was presented with the Bourn award, “for distinction with an emphasis on horticulture” for Narcissus ‘Delibes’, the Alcatraz Daffodil. The third award, the Jurors’ award, “for distinction with an emphasis on botanical art presentation”, went to Milly Acharya for her Lathyrus odoratus, Sweet Pea.

Everything about the day was perfectly delightful, and we feel that we have blazed a trail for future BAGSC jet-setting adventures! We heartily encourage everyone to see the exhibit before it closes on June 12, and to enjoy the beautiful spring gardens at Filoli.

BAGSC members accepted into the 18th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition at Filoli include:

  1. Cristina Baltayian

  2. Melanie Campbell-Carter

  3. Joan Keesey

  4. Lee McCaffree

  5. Mitsuko Schultz

  6. Gilly Shaeffer

  7. Ellie Tu

The 18th Annual Botanical Art Exhibition at Filoli goes through June 12th. Filoli is located at 86 Cañada Road, Woodside, CA 94062.

Kudos to all the award winners, and congratulations to all the accepted artists!

Click on an image of the exhibition opening and the Filoli gardens to enlarge:

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