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BAGSC Opening at the Fine Arts Building in Los Angeles

by Deborah Shaw

Opening Reception

Opening Reception at the Fine Arts Building

The Fine Arts Building, Los Angeles, hosted a wonderful opening reception for the BAGSC exhibit on Thursday, October 14, with catering from our good friends from Burger Continental. BAGSC members (along with their friends and family) at the opening included: Leslie Walker, Janice Sharp, Joan Keesey, Bonnie Born Ash, Veronica Raymond, Morgan Kari, and Deborah Shaw.

The show will be up into November. The building itself is worth the visit, and is an exceptional venue for displaying botanical art. Anyone interested in purchasing artwork will contact the artist directly via email. Leslie will let us know about when the show will come down once the schedule is finalized.

Thank you to all the artists who were able to step up to the plate on such short notice.

BAGSC Banner in the window of the Fine Arts Building

BAGSC Banner in the window of the Fine Arts Building

Left to right: John Keesey, Joan Keesey, Janice Sharp and Dane Hoiberg