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BAGSC Participation in the 4th Annual City of Newport Beach Water Miser Workshop

by Deb Shaw

BAGSC members have been invited once again to participate in the 4th Annual WaterMiser Workshop, sponsored by the City of Newport Beach. The workshop will be held at the City of Newport Beach Central Library, on March 8, 2012 6 – 8 pm Dinner will be provided by Baja Fresh!

Poster for the City of Newport Beach 4th Annual Water Miser Workshop

Poster for the City of Newport Beach 4th Annual Water Miser Workshop

This year, the keynote speakers are: Pam Berstler with G3 Green Gardens Group and Paul Herzog with Surfrider – Ocean Friendly Gardens

As in the past, vendor tables will be set up in the courtyard area, where BAGSC will be demonstrating botanical illustration. Prints and paintings by BAGSC members can be displayed on the easels provided in the lecture area, or on the BAGSC tables in the vendor area. Deb Shaw will be demonstrating and coordinating BAGSC’s participation. Any other BAGSC members that wish to participate are welcome. BAGSC members can demonstrate in the media of their choice, and sell originals, prints and cards, or simply provide artwork to show during the evening. Tania Marien, ArtPlantae will be participating as well.

If any members wish to donate prints, cards, etc. for the raffle it would be most appreciated by the workshop organizers. If you cannot attend the workshop, but wish to either display your artwork, or donate items for the raffle, your work can be brought to Deb’s house at the March 3rd quarterly meeting.

Please RSVP to Deb: 1) if you want to participate the night of the workshop; 2) if you would like to display artwork or prints; 3) if you would like to provide a raffle item.

If friends and family would like to attend the workshop, the public can RSVP at 949.644.3214, or by email to:

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