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Call for Entries: BAGSC “Cornucopia” at the San Diego Botanic Gardens

by Lesley Randall, posted by Deb Shaw

"Fragaria x ananassa 'Fragoo Pink'," Strawberry, watercolor by Mitsuko Schultz, © 2013, all rights reserved.

Fragaria x ananassa ‘Fragoo Pink’,” Strawberry, watercolor by Mitsuko Schultz, © 2013, all rights reserved.

BAGSC Call for entries for Edible Plants: Eat, Drink and Spice it up!

This BAGSC Exhibition at the San Diego Botanic Gardens will focus on all plants consumable. All life depends on plants, so let’s celebrate the diversity of plant life that is used in food, beverages and to enhance flavor. Draw or paint the weird fruit or vegetable found in the grocery store, the prize tomato from your backyard garden, an exotic spice or the essential ingredient of a beverage (such as hops!). If you can, include a recipe using your plant subject, or some information about how the plant is used.

All BAGSC members in good standing (dues paid) are eligible to submit up to three pieces of two-dimensional art work. High quality prints are acceptable, but no photos or digital enhancements please. Email images and entry forms to Lesley Randall. CDs of artwork can be mailed to Lesley’s home address along with the paperwork and entry fee. A full “Call for Entries” packet will be emailed soon to all BAGSC members.

Venue: San Diego Botanic Garden, Ecke Building

Dates: Sept 23rd through November 18th 2016

Submission Deadline: August 12th 2016

Entry fee: $35.00. Payable to BAGSC.

Framing and Matting: ASBA standard – light to medium, simple wood frame. White to off-white matt with no colored liner.

Notification of acceptance: August 19 2016. Though not a juried show, if space becomes an issue, selections will be made to show a diversity of subjects and to include as many artists as possible.

Happy painting, eating and drinking!

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