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Changes in the BAGSC Board

by the BAGSC Board

In the beginning of April, Pat Mark, President of BAGSC since 2014, announced she was stepping down as president, citing personal reasons. At a Special Board meeting on April 2, 2017, Janice Sharp was appointed by the Board to fill the position of President, Beth Stone was appointed Treasurer, to replace Janice Sharp, and Ellie Tu was appointed Membership Chairperson to replace Melanie Campbell-Carter, who has moved to Tucson. Normally scheduled elections for the positions of President, Treasurer and Membership Chairperson are to be held in December.

In addition to these changes the following Board position are open:

Exhibition Chair: Responsibilities are primarily to coordinate exhibition events and post them on along with Calls for Entries. Lessons of posting information to the web site will be provided. Each of the venues where BAGSC exhibits has a primary person who is the contact person for the venue. These people are Janice Sharp (Arboretum), Beth Stone (Descanso), Lesley Randall (San Diego Botanic Gardens), Diane Daly (Chapman), Tania Norris (Huntington), Gilly Schaeffer and Janice Sharp (20th Anniversary). Bonnie Born-Ash and Leslie Walker are also members of the Exhibition Committee and assist at all the venues.

Please contact Janice Sharp if you are interested in filling this position.

Blog Writer(s) at Large: We are always looking for BAGSC members who would like to be trained to write and post on the blog. Lessons will be provided.

Please contact Deborah Shaw if you are interested in filling this/these position(s).

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