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Congratulations to Akiko Enokido for her RHS Gold Medal

by Deb Shaw

Akiko Enokido at the RHS Exhibition.

Akiko Enokido at the RHS Exhibition with a few of her watercolors of heritage Camellia japonica.

Congratulations to Akiko Enokido for her Gold Medal at the RHS London Botanical Art Show, for her paintings of heritage Camellia japonica in watercolor on vellum.

Akiko sends a big hello to BAGSC members from London!

As Akiko explained, one of the oldest camellias among her paintings is ‘Masayoshi’. This camellia was carried to the Netherlands by Dr. Siebold in 1829 and named ‘Doncklaeri’. This is the plant that became the basis for the cultivation of many new types of Camellia in Europe during the 1800’s.

Congratulations to all the winners, including ASBA members: Julie Nettleton (Best Botanical Painting) Julie Nettleton (Australia), gold medal Akiko Enokido (Japan), gold medal Esmee Winkel (Netherlands), gold medal Betsy Rogers-Knox (USA), silver-gilt

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