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Ever consider an “Artist in Residence” at a National Park?

by Deb Shaw

Even with budget cuts and sequestering, many of our nation’s National Parks offer Artist-in-Residence programs for all different types of artists, including botanical artists.

Applications are open for one such program: the Artist-in-Residence Program at Acadia National Park, SCHOODIC District, in Winter Harbor, Maine. This program offers artists housing for two-week to four-week periods so they can pursue their art while surrounded by the inspiring landscape of the park. The program is open in the spring and fall. No additional stipend is available.

In return, participating artists are asked to donate a piece of work representative of their style and their stay to the park collection. The park collection artworks are displayed to the public on a rotating schedule. Artists are also asked to participate in one public program per week of their residency, based on their preference for educational outreach. These may include demonstrations, talks, or workshops, and are only for a few hours of your stay.

Applications for the Arcadia artist-in-residence program must be received by October 28, 2013.

There are many such programs across the United States, with different applications and due dates. Most applications will need to include at least a few samples of your artwork. Be sure to read about the accommodations in each park before you apply. Some are quite nice; others extremely rustic, but all are available for a botanical adventure.

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