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Welcome from the President of the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California

Welcome to the website of the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California or BAGSC as we are known. BAGSC is a very active Chapter of the American Society of Botanical Arts. We were founded in 1998 and our members in 2021, number 144. Our mission is to introduce to the public the beauty and significance of botanical art through exhibitions, art shows and other forms of educational opportunities. To make people aware of, and appreciate, the history of the art form and to encourage the continuance of this artistic tradition. We also provide a forum for botanical artists to meet, discuss issues, share ideas and to learn not only from one another but by giving the opportunity to further their expertise with classes, lectures and of course through this website. You will see examples of the most beautifully depicted flowers and fauna by our members but please remember, they were all novices at one time and several I know said ‘but I can’t paint’ or ‘I can’t draw a straight line’. But with guidance and encouragement, everyone can draw and learn to paint or use color pencil or whatever technique you think you would enjoy. The website calendar will show you our schedule of planned meetings and programs. I hope you will find something to interest you and that you will join us for one of our events. You will be made most welcome. With the pandemic we are able to communicate via Zoom with members and guests not only in California but across the United States and overseas countries. It is a silver lining to the quarantine and travel restrictions that have impacted our personal meetings. I look forward to meeting with interested non-members. Please contact us using the form below. I welcome you to the WONDERFUL WORLD OF BOTANICAL ART. Sincerely, Tania Norris President, BAGSC

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