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A Wonderful Podcast about “Colors”

by Deb Shaw

If you’re a fan of RadioLab, you may have heard the last episode about “Colors.” If you haven’t heard it, you’re in for a treat. You can listen, stream, or download the RadioLab Episode on “Colors”  (Episode 13) by clicking here.

The piece jumps into all kinds of subjects about color, including interview snippets with Victoria Finlay, who wrote the book by the name of Color. From Issac Newton and Homer; to how we see (as opposed to dogs, birds, butterflies, and mantis shrimp); to our language about color; to how Gamboge is made — it’s a great show with a fun soundtrack.

If you haven’t listened to RadioLab before, be sure to stick with it. Their station identification pieces are a little longer than most, and I do know people who have thought the program was over, when it was really just getting started.


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