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BAGSC Meeting Agenda, October 13, 2007

1.    Welcome new members and guests (Leslie Walker) 2.    Secretary’s Report (Tania Marien) 3.    Treasurer’s Report (Deborah Shaw) 4.    Membership Report (Joann Leonard)

OLD BUSINESS: 2007 Election Results (Norma Sarkin) Manhattan Beach Show Update (Sue Kuuskmae) Gary Greene Colored Pencil Class Update (Sue Kuuskmae)

ASBA Convention at the Huntington, October 30 – November 1, 2008 (Tania Marien) •    Progress Report (see handout) •    Revised Preliminary Volunteer Task List (see handout) •    Volunteer Sign-up Sheet

NEW BUSINESS: Reports from the 2007 ASBA Conference (Leslie Walker, Deborah Shaw, Tania Marien) L.A. Garden Show, May 1 – 4, 2008 (Tania Marien, Deborah Shaw) •    Introduce 2008 Marketplace Coordinator, Janice Sharp •    Introduce Guild Liason, Kate Gaman

BAGSC Insurance Responsibilities (Deborah Shaw)

2008 Meeting Dates:  (Tania Marien) The Guild meetings for 2008 will be on the following Saturdays: •    January 19 •    April 19 •    July 12 •    October 11

* Please note that additional conference meetings will be scheduled during 2008*

PROGRAM: •    BAGSC Blog (Deborah Shaw) o    What is the new BAGSC blog? o    Introduce Blog Editor, Rocio Martinez

•    BAGSC Birthday Celebration

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