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It’s BAGSC Holiday Party Time

All members should have received an email blast with an invitation to please join us at Janice’s home to celebrate the holidays — BAGSC-style!

Date: December 11, 2010 Time: 5 pm – Whenever Place: Janice’s

Significant others are welcome. We will celebrate in our BAGSC potluck fashion; please let Janice know what you will be bringing.

Everyone should also bring something they have made this year so we can have an impromptu BAGSC exhibit. It doesn’t need to be botanical art; we find our members are quite talented and produce all kinds of art, as well as crafts. Please bring something you have made that you would like to share.

We won’t be having a formal meeting, but we will share (in handout form) information about: • What we’ve done this past year; • The Treasurer’s report; and, • What is in the planning stages for next year.

We will also have a suggestion box available. Please bring (or write on cards that will be provided), any suggestions you have that you would like to see implemented in the coming year. If you can’t attend, we’ll miss you, but please send your suggestions to Leslie.

Please join us in eating, drinking and merriment and have a wonderful holiday season!

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