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Agenda from the December 12 Meeting and Holiday Party

Thank you to Janice for hosting a wonderful BAGSC holiday party, and for all who brought food (wonderful food!), and goodies, and were able to brave the storms to join us. The Agenda below is the original agenda for the meeting. Watch for additional details and stories to be posted.

Agenda for the December 12 Meeting of BAGSC (from Leslie Walker)

  1. Secretary’s Report

  2. Treasurer’s Report

  3. Membership Report

Old Business

  1. BAGSC revised Bylaws

  2. Election Results: Leslie Walker, President, Janice Sharp, Treasurer

  3. Pasadena Home Tour; Jane Herrmann Stairwell Show & Sales

  4. Arboretum Library Show & Sale

  5. Arboretum Marketplace Booth 2010

New Business: Schedule of Events for the Year 2010

Upcoming Classes for 2010 (more classes and details to come)

January 15, 16 & 17:  Margaret Best “It’s not easy making green leaves” class.

February 27:  Sketching at the Aeirie Art Garden in Palm Desert.

March 16 & 17: Plant Morphology with Dick Rauh

March 20: BAGSC Quarterly Meeting with Dick Rauh, President of ASBA

March 30 & 31: Hang show at LA Arboretum Library.

April – 1 Show at LA Arboretum Library Opens.

April 6 or 7 (to be determined): 5 to 7 pm Arboretum Library Show Reception.

April 28 & 29: Set up for the LA Arboretum Marketplace Booth.

April 30: Arboretum Marketplace Booth Show & Sales Opens.

May – 1 & 2: Arboretum Marketplace Booth Show &  Sales.

June 5: BAGSC Quarterly Meeting.

June 30: LA Arboretum Library Show closes.

July / August: Deborah Ravin class in the illustration styles of Beatrix Potter (pen and watercolor).


October 2: BAGSC Meeting, nominations for Vice President, Secretary & Membership Chairman

November: Sasha Viezmenski Mushroom Class.

December 11: BAGSC Meeting / Holiday Party.

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