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Anne-Marie Evans Class at the Virginia Robinson Gardens

by Tania Norris, posted by Deb Shaw

Anne-Marie Evans reviewing students' work.

Anne-Marie Evans reviewing students’ work.

Anne-Marie Evans is one of the most prominent botanical art teachers in the world. She is returning this autumn to the Robinson Gardens to teach DEVELOPING OBSERVATIONAL AND DRAWING SKILLS. Anne-Marie welcomes novice to experienced artists into her classroom.  Her unique way of teaching with a gentle prodding for higher standards leaves each student at the end of the session with a sense of accomplishment.

Course Description: The class will focus on the process of drawing rather than the final finished drawing. As well as seeking to develop observational skills, it offers a methodical and analytical method of approach to a complex subject – the pineapple… Relevant exercises will be included throughout the course.

Dates: October 22 – 26, 2012 (10 am through 3 pm) Monday 10/22/12 Robinson Gardens Florilegium volunteer day. Tuesday through Friday botanical art class.

Location: Robinson Gardens Pool Pavilion

Cost: $595 for Friends of Robinson Gardens, Robinson Gardens Society and BAGSC members and $675 for non-members.

Non-members may purchase a Robinson Gardens Society membership for $55, save $25 on this workshop’s tuition, and benefit from the many attractions at the Gardens for a whole year.

Deposit: A non-refundable $75 deposit is requested ASAP in order to secure a student’s reservation, due to limited space for this class.

Class Material: A pineapple Scissors Eraser Pencils HB,*B,2H Tracing paper Paper glue HP watercolor paper Good quality velum An empty bottle A fork

For more information please contact the Friends of Robinson Gardens office at There are only a few spaces left.

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