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Call for BAGSC Entries, San Diego Botanic Garden: “Artist’s Favorites”

by Deb Shaw

The San Diego Botanic Garden will be hosting a BAGSC exhibition of botanical art titled Artist’s Favorites. This juried show will feature botanical works near and dear to each artist’s heart. A work might be a favorite because of a particular plant specimen, because of a specific technique, or because it evokes a treasured memory of a place or time.

This exhibition is not only “artists’ choice” for artwork, but “artist’s choice” for framing too! If you would like to stick to the ASBA standards of a light wood, simple, L-shape frame, feel free to do so. If you have artwork framed in other styles, this is your chance to submit them in the frames you’ve chosen.

  1. Submission deadline:  August 15, 2014

  2. Exhibition Dates:  September 21, 2014 – mid-November 2014

Consider volunteering to help with the "Artist's Favorite" SDBG exhibition—we have a good time. Photo of BAGSC members Joan Keesey (left) and Janice Sharp (right) enjoying a laugh during the hanging of the 2013 BAGSC exhibition at the SDBG.

Consider volunteering to help with the “Artist’s Favorite” SDBG exhibition—we have a good time. Photo of BAGSC members Joan Keesey (left) and Janice Sharp (right) enjoying a laugh during the hanging of the 2013 BAGSC exhibition at the SDBG.

Some of the nitty gritty details:

All BAGSC members in good standing (dues paid) are eligible to enter up to 4 (four) pieces, which may consist of original, two-dimensional botanical art and illustration in any media, or archival giclée prints of original artwork. No photography or digital art. Work may have been shown in previous BAGSC, ASBA, Filoli or other exhibitions. THIS IS A JURIED SHOW. It is possible that multiple entries may not be accepted, depending on space availability and the number of submissions. Artwork or prints may be for sale if desired. The San Diego Botanic Garden will take a commission of ten percent of all sales.

A submission fee of $35.00 must be made out to BAGSC and sent with the submission form to BAGSC Treasurer and Exhibit Chair, Lesley Randall. Please write “Artist’s Favorite” on the subject line of your check. Your check must be received by Lesley Randall on or before August 15, 2014. If you would like to bring your submission check (and CD) to the BAGSC Pen and Ink class on August 9 and 10, 2014, OR to the July 20, 2014 BAGCS Quarterly meeting, please bring them then.

Files should be labeled with your name and artwork title. You can email your digital artwork with the entry form to Lesley Randall or mail it on a CD with a hard copy of the entry form. Your artwork, entry form and check must also be accompanied by a digital file with a written description of why each painting you’ve submitted is a “favorite.”

An email blast also will be sent out to BAGSC members with the submission form and additional information. Details about artwork delivery and pick-up will be sent out to all accepted artists at a later date.

Volunteering: BAGSC members are needed to help set up and break down the exhibition.

Volunteers also are needed:

  1. for hanging the exhibition;

  2. at the opening reception to talk with guests and answer questions;

  3. for signing in and signing out the artwork for the exhibition;

  4. for breaking down the exhibition;

  5. for collection and transport of artwork to and/or from SDBG;

  6. and other show-related activities as needed.

To volunteer for the activities above (or any other help you can provide) please contact Lesley Randall.

Important Dates:

  1. August 15, 2014: Entry deadline

  2. September 2: Acceptance Notification

  3. September 21: Installation of exhibit

  4. September 21: Reception

  5. Mid-November: Show Closes And Paintings Removed

Questions about the show? Please contact Lesley Randall.

Happy painting!

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