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Change in February BAGSC Meeting Date!

by Deb Shaw

There’s been a change in the meeting date for February. It will now be on February 9th, instead of February 2. A group email blast will be sent out shortly with details and the agenda for the meeting.

So, the BAGSC quarterly meetings for 2013 plus the holiday party are now as follows:

  1. February 9

  2. April 20

  3. June 29

  4. September 14

  5. and the December 7 Holiday Party (no meeting included, just eating, drinking, and enjoying ourselves)

Let us know of any workshops or presentations you would like to see at one of the meetings.

Keep your eyes peeled for blog and email announcements of classes, workshops, activities and exhibitions. Next year will start off with a lot happening in January, and lots more to come. It promises to be an exciting year!

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