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Christina Baltayian to Teach Evening Botanical Art Classes at the LA Arboretum

by Jill Berry, posted by Deb Shaw

The Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Gardens will be offering a weekly evening Botanical Art and Illustration class in addition to their Tuesday morning classes.

We are trying to set a day that will be convenient to most people, so if you are interested, let us know which day you would prefer, from Monday to Thursday. Class participation is limited to a minimum of five students and a maximum of 12.

Cristina Baltayian will be the instructor, and we will be exploring colored pencil, graphite, pen and ink, and watercolor on various papers, vellum and other surfaces. The emphasis will be on plant observation, drawing, composition, color theory and matching, and medium techniques.

This year we have started a very exciting project, in which, in conjunction with BAGSC, we will be studying and portraying the many Arboretum introductions collected over a period of almost 50 years, to build a collection of paintings that will celebrate and document the invaluable contribution of the Los Angeles Arboretum to the state of California. [Search the BAGSC Blog for related articles about the Arboretum introductions project, and BAGSC members’ special purchase package. If you’re at the LA Arboretum, be sure to stop off in the gift store to buy the first edition of the cards.]

For more information, please contact Jill Berry, Education Manager at the Los Angeles Arboretum.

We look forward to hear from you!

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