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Colored Pencil Society Class with John P. Smolko

A group of members of the Colored Pencil Society is planning a three day class with John P. Smolko, CPSA, an award winning colored pencil artist and teacher. He teaches a textural style using expressive line and a huge variety of color.

He advocates daring to be different and experimenting with various color combinations. The dates for the class will be either November 2,3,4, or 9, 10, 11 of 2009 and will be held in Redondo Beach at the home of one of our members. We are seeking 10 – 12 participants, but if many more show interest, we could probably accommodate a larger group at a local art supply store in the South Bay Area. The cost for the three days is estimated to be $200 but could fluctuate a bit depending on enrollment. If you have any questions, contact Sue Kuuskmae. You should send a deposit check for $100 to hold your spot. Please include your e mail address, mailing address, phone number, and name.

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