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Get your Discounts on Olga’s Class!

by Clara Josephs, posted by Deb Shaw

Here is some helpful information regarding the cost of Olga’s Sunday class at the LA Arboretum. The base cost of the class (through Otis) for noncredit is $435 plus the required amount of $39 for insurance and registration fees. You may deduct up to two $50 ($100 total!) discounts as they apply to you.

Choose from any two of the following:

  1. Senior, 60 and over: subtract $50

  2. KCRW member with valid card in your name: subtract $50

  3. Early bird registration until August 23: subtract $50

  4. Alumni discount: subtract $50

Take two discounts and the cost of the class is $374 for 8 full days of instruction!

For convenience, here is the basic information posted in a previous BAGSC Blog post: Graphite for Botanical Illustration. Classes will held for 8 Sundays, from September 13 through November 1, 9:30–4:30 and is appropriate for all skill levels. Register through Otis College 310 665 6950 class # XILU3556. This class is not yet up on the website, but will fill quickly. If you are interested, register soon by phone.

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