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Gloria Whea-Fun Teng to teach Chinese Brush Painting at the Arboretum

by Deborah Shaw

Chinese Brush Painting

Chinese Brush Painting

Gloria Whea-Fun Teng will be teaching another session of Introduction to Chinese Brush Painting at the Arboretum:

4 Thursdays: January 6 – January 27; 4 Thursdays, February 3 – 24 12:30-2:30pm / Oak Room $120 members / $130 non-members per session

In this introductory course the student will learn the difference between Chinese brush painting and other watercolor painting. The class will teach the beginning  painter to use Chinese brushes and ink to create beautiful paintings on rice paper. At the end of this course, a completed painting will be ready to be framed and  displayed. More experienced students will continue to refine their work  and learn new techniques.

For Reservations or Information, please call (626) 821-4623 or email Jill Berry.

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