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Join BAGSC and The Huntington for the Opening of the BAGSC Adjunct Exhibition

by Deb Shaw

Invitation to BAGSC adjunct exhibition.

Invitation to BAGSC adjunct exhibition.

In conjunction with “Weird, Wild, and Wonderful” The New York Botanical Garden Second Triennial Exhibition, the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California (BAGSC) will present a supplemental exhibition from August 1–9, in the Brody Botanical Center’s Banta Hall at The Huntington, featuring free public demonstrations, lectures about botanical art, and specimens of botanical curiosities. The BAGSC adjunct exhibition features 72 artworks by 37 members.

An exhibition of Botanical Oddities… illustrations by the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California in The Frances Lasker Brody Botanical Center At The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens

August 1–9, 2015 (closed Tuesday) 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

We will have a reception for BAGSC members, our guests, and Huntington VIPs and staff at: 10:00 am this Saturday, August 1, 2015 before The Huntington opens to the public.

The “Weird, Wild & Wonderful” New York Triennial exhibition also will be open the entire time the BAGSC exhibition is up, August 1 – 9, except on Tuesday, when The Huntington is closed. Weird, Wild & Wonderful exhibition dates: June 13 – August 23 Exhibition open to the public weekends only and each day August 1–9 Additional exhibition information: Exhibition information and hours posted at

Artists in the BAGSC exhibition include: Bonnie Born Ash, Cristina Baltayian, Nancy Beckham, Melanie Campbell-Carter, Jan Clouse, Diane Daly, Estelle DeRidder, Nancy Grubb, Asuka Hishiki, Cynthia Jackson, Susan Jackson, Clara Josephs, Joan Keesey, Suzanne Kuuskmae, Teri Kuwahara, Patricia Mark, Lee McCaffree, Arillyn Moran-Lawrence, Kathy Morgan, Terri Munroe, Alyse Ochniak, Marilyn Parrino, Dolores Pope, Kathlyn  Powell, Lesley Randall, Veronica Raymond, Robyn Reilman, Norma Sarkin, Mitsuko Schultz, Gilly Shaeffer, Janice Sharp, Deborah Shaw, Beth Stone, Gayle Uyehara, Lori Vreeke, Leslie Walker, Jude Wiesenfeld.

Download the full invitation here: bagscExhibitionInviteF

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