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Keeping Your Diet Healthy in Pasadena

First thing, stop by the convention bureau table and pickup information about restaurants that are convenient to the Hilton. If you want to focus on healthy food, there are several restaurants in the Paseo Colorado (just half a block north of the Hilton) you might want to check out. California Crisp focuses on salads and healthy sandwiches. Camille’s Sidewalk Cafe specializes in wraps and salads. The Paseo Colorado is also the location of Gelson’s–a high end market that includes salad and sushi bars, a full-service bakery, and a deli. There’s an outdoor eating area alongside the market. It might be a good option when you need to have a quick meal and want to keep it healthy. Go to the Paseo Colorado Web site at and click on restaurants and food to look at menus, hours and locations for all three of these options.

Restaurants in Old Pasadena, which is also nearby, tend to be more about celebrating food than keeping your cholesterol low. With effort, you can find healthy dishes on the many menus featuring cuisine from around the world. One of my favorite places for a light and healthy meal is the take-out area at the back of Il Fornaio. They have homemade soup every day and their amazing, hearty breads to go with it. There are tables outside rather tucked away from the bustle of Old Pasadena.

If you’re at the Huntington for a workshop, you will probably only have time for lunch at the Huntington Cafe located in the gardens. It has a limited menu, but always has at least one kind of homemade soup and fresh fruit and salads. Even though the menu is limited, one of my favorite parts of workshops at the Huntington is spending a pleasant lunchtime in the shady, outdoor dining area and having time for chats with the other artists.

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