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Margaret Best to Teach a Workshop in Tuscany, Spring 2012

by Deb Shaw

Image of PDF for Margaret Best Tuscany Trip

Margaret will teach in a stunning historical indoor/outdoor studio setting. The trip also features an expert Italian-speaking cultural guide on a memorable eight-night visit to Italy.

Outside the studio, participants will visit an organic kitchen garden and join the owner for a sumptuous gourmet meal. They also will be able to experience the authentic Chianti region by mingling with the local residents and visiting boutique wine estates to sip their vintages, and savour the culture of Rome and Siena.

Please read the PDF, MargaretBestItaly, for more details, e-mail Quench Trip Design, or call them at 416 366 2777 to hear more information on how to book. Those booking before October 7th will receive Euro 150 per person off the program cost.

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