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Olga Eysymontt’s Upcoming Botanical Illustration Classes at the LA Arboretum

By Jill Berry, LA Arboretum and Olga Eysymontt

The schedule below is for Olga Eysymontt’s botanical illustration classes for January through June. Please call 626.821.4623 to register; pre-registration is required as her classes fill quickly and space is limited. You may also email Jill Berry and she can register you with a credit card.  Happy Holidays to all!

Botanical Illustration with Olga Eysymontt A Monthly Series on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at the Arboretum, 301 North Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, CA 91007 9:30am – 2:30pm Fees: $160 members per month / $190 for non-members per month

Registration: Call 626.821.4623 or email Jill Berry.

Unlike previous years, the Spring Botanical Illustration classes will meet twice a month, with each class session being 4 hours, for a total of 8 hours per session. Tuesdays will be dedicated to Graphite Pencil and Wednesdays to Watercolor. Sign up for the Tuesday sessions OR the Wednesday sessions (or both!). The goal of these sessions is to practice and refine your preferred technique. Students should have some experience with their chosen medium. A finished piece is not expected. The cost of each monthly 8 hr session is $160 for Arboretum members and $190 for non-members.

TUESDAYS:           WEDNESDAYS: Graphite                  Watercolor

Jan. 11 & 25                 Jan. 12 & 26 Quick Sketching skills:  getting the right angle before I commit

Feb. 8 & 22                  Feb. 9 & 23 Form: how dark or light should I make my specimen?

March 8 & 22              March 9 & 23 Overlap and Transition: making things look clear and precise in a 2 D world

April 5 & 19                  April 6 & 20 Details: Oh that fuzz!

May 3 & 17                    May 4 & 18 Composition: what is the focus and how do I get inspired to make a statement piece?

May 31 & June 14        June 1 & 15 Experimentation: being unpredictable and refreshing

Since 1997, Olga Eysymontt has taught Botanical Illustration classes for the Arboretum. She is a former instructor at Otis College of Art, and a Fine Arts graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology. Olga is passionate about teaching and the thrill of bringing out each student’s vision. Aside from Botanical Illustration, her current interests include landscape and macro photography.

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