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Olga Eysymontt to Teach at the LA Arboretum

by Clara Josephs, posted by Deb Shaw

Passion Flower study, Olga Eysymontt, © 2008, all rights reserved.

Passion Flower study, Olga Eysymontt, © 2008, all rights reserved.

Olga Eysymontt, one of the founding members of BAGSC and the first botanical art teacher to many of us, is returning to the Los Angeles Arboretum to teach her iconic class, Graphite for Botanical Illustration. If you have not had the opportunity to study with Olga, now is your chance. Classes will held for 8 Sundays, from September 13 through November 1, 9:30–4:30 and is appropriate for all skill levels. Register through Otis College 310 665 6950 class # XILU3556. This class is not yet up on the website, but will fill quickly. If you are interested, register soon by phone.

This hands-on drawing course enables teaches students to observe and draw plants with accuracy, develop perceptual acuity, analyze the role of light on form, and use tonal value skills that are essential in drawing any subject. Classes will be held at the LA Arboretum. This course is suitable not only for beginners but also for those students with extensive drawing experience. Course includes demonstration, class discussion, and critique.

First class materials: 14″ x 17” Strathmore Drawing Pad Series 400, Medium (no sketch or recycled paper; you can use another brand), 14” x 17” Medium Weight Tracing Paper (any brand), 3 Drafting Pencil Holders and 1 Sharpener, Leads: 2H, HB and 2B leads (at least 2 each), Eraser Stick, Erasing Shield, Drafting Brush, Mars Drafting Dots (masking tape), Portable Task Light (Ott-Lite). Vis a Vis wet erase fine point marker, Clip, 8″ x 10″ Plexi and 8″ x 10″ format supplied by teacher for $10.00.

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