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Olga Ryabstova to Teach Second Silverpoint Workshop at Destination: Art

by Suzanne Kuuskmae

Olga Ryabstova is back at Destination: Art to teach a second Silverpoint workshop. This workshop will build on the first, but is still appropriate for beginners and those new to silverpoint.

Registration is at:  Click on classes and pay on-line by credit card. Silverpoint with Olga Ryabtsova Saturday, January 18, 2020 Tuition: $85 Tools: $20 in class (if you need them) 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Olga Ryabtsova, Magnolia, silverpoint

Olga Ryabtsova, Magnolia, silverpoint, © 2019, all rights reserved.

Silverpoint is a metal media that can leave a mark on the prepared abrasive surface and is known for its fine, delicate strokes as well as high archival qualities. Many silverpoint drawings by Old Masters can be seen in museums. All supplies will be provided for this class if you are a beginning student: stylus with silver point, paper, and suggested subjects. You may also bring your own simple image if you wish.

Olga will be guiding you with making appropriate strokes to make a beautiful rendering of your subject. The supplies charge will be $20 additional payable at class directly to Olga. If you already have supplies, you can bring them to class.

Olga Ryabstova is a member of Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California and the American Society of Botanical Artists and has been teaching silverpoint techniques for several years.

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