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Painting Flowers with Colored Pencils, a BAGSC Workshop with Gary Greene

On November 12 – 16, 2007, master colored pencil artist Gary Greene came to the Manhattan Beach Creative Arts Center in Manhattan Beach, California and taught how to paint startlingly realistic flowers with colored pencil. Using simple floral studies, the class studied the colored pencil techniques Gary uses in his floral paintings. A sample of Gary’s work is shown below (click on the image to open an enlargement in a new window):

Maturity becomes you

Participants in the class were enthusiastic. Some comments:

“I really enjoyed Gary Greene’s Colored Pencil Class. I am a rank beginner. He took me through the colored pencil techniques step by step. By the end of the week I felt I was able to turn out a pretty good product using the techniques he taught. He was very encouraging and always helpful. Thank you so much Gary! Your class was a fun, informative, and an all around wonderful experience!” — S. Tanner

“I feel this class was well worth the time as I did learn two interesting new techniques. One was with wax-based color pencils (using Bestine) and the other was with water soluble pencils using water in three different ways. I plan to use both techniques in the future for better effect with certain subjects. Happy coloring!” — R. Hopper

Thanks to Sue Kuuskmae for arranging the class.

Gary Greene

Gary Greene class

Gary Greene class
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