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Print Announcement Postcards with Your Artwork

by Deborah Shaw

Postcard front for Gloria Whea-Fun Teng's Long Beach show

For those of you who weren't able to attend the last BAGSC meeting, here's a sample from the same printer of the postcard front for Gloria Whea-Fun Teng's Long Beach show. © 2009, Gloria Whea-Fun Teng

BAGSC members have the opportunity to have their artwork printed on promotional artwork postcards at trade prices in conjunction with our show at the LA Arboretum Library. (Please see the call for entries further down on our BAGSC Blog.) The postcards are on heavy white stock, full color on the front, with a full, glossy, varnish on the color side. The back will be printed one color with the information about the LA Arboretum Library show. You may also order your postcards with a blank back, and only your artwork on the front.

Here’s how it works

1. Send your high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) color-corrected scans of your artwork to Deb on or before 2 March, 2010.

2. Include your name as you want it to appear on the postcard front, along with: the name of the painting (please check spelling carefully, what you send is what is printed); the media (if you want to list that); and, the date of the painting for the copyright line. For example, the information that might appear on the front of the card would be: Deborah Shaw Arisaema ringens Watercolor, © 2009, Deborah Shaw

3. Deb will email you a PDF proof of the front and back of your card on or before 8 March. All approvals are due by noon on 9 March, and the postcards will go to the printer.

4. Postcards will be handed out at the BAGSC meeting at Deb’s house on Saturday, 20 March.

Printing specifications and pricing

Final printed size: 4″ x 6″. Your image can be printed in a horizontal or vertical format. The information about the LA Arboretum Library show will be printed in a horizontal format.

Color(s) and varnish: Full color on the front; the color can bleed off four sides of the card if desired. Printing of black-and-white artwork (graphite or pen-and-ink) will still be done on a full color press, and may have the appearance of a slight color tint. The artwork side of the postcard will have a full coating of a high gloss (UV) varnish.

Paper: 14 pt, white card stock, to meet Post Office regulations for mailing.

Optional copy on the back: All of the backs will be printed with the same information about our LA Arboretum Library show and the reception invitation. You can also elect to have no printing on the back (i.e., the back will be blank), but the cost will be the same.

Costs: The cost below includes printing and shipping to Deb’s house. Deb will set up the artwork for the printer at no charge. Orange County sales tax of 8.75% will be added to the amounts below. Checks should be made out to BAGSC, and received by Deb Shaw by 9 March. 100 quantity: $30.00 250 quantity: $35.00 500 quantity: $40.00 1,000 quantity: $45.00 2,500 quantity: $92.00 5,000 quantity: $128.00

Important Dates to Remember:

2 March, 2010: Scans and copy must be in Deb’s hands 8 March, 2010: Deb will email PDF proofs on (or before) this date 9 March, 2010: Approvals must be received by noon (or before) this date, or the postcards will go to print as is and the artist will be obligated to pay the cost 9 March, 2010: Payment must be received 20 March, 2010: Beautiful cards will be handed out at the BAGSC meeting

We’ve had a lot of interest in these postcards. If successful, we’ll repeat this offer several times each year in conjunction with events or exhibits. If you have any questions, please let Deb know.

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