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Susan Frei Nathan at the Huntington Library

by Deb Shaw

Susan Frei Nathan will be presenting a workshop at the The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens on

April 28-29, 2011

Susan Frei Nathan is an ASBA Board Member, and a gallery owner specializing in botanical art representing Jean Emmons, Martha Kemp, Karen Kluglein, Kate Nessler, Lizzie Sanders, Catherine Watters and Carol Woodin, among others.

She has a talent for helping artists bring their work to the next level. Susan will give a lecture on the morning of April 28 (cost $10 for members; $15 for non-members), followed by individual meetings with artists in a half-hour, one-on-one portfolio review/critique session ($50) that afternoon and on Friday, April 29. Susan will discuss each artist’s work as well as marketing and personal artistic goals.

The lecture/discussion will cover:

  1. the current market valuation for botanical art

  2. how botanical art has been valued over time

  3. choosing subject matters with the intention of selling your work

  4. quality of work and how this is determined

  5. how to find the right gallery to represent your work

  6. what collectors look for

  7. building collections

  8. dissecting specific collections Susan has built and exploring the collector’s mind

The individual critiques will cover:

  1. evaluation of the artist’s potential to sell artwork within the fine art market

  2. discussion of technique, composition, color, choice of subject matter

  3. individual professional goals

Take advantage of this valuable opportunity. To reserve your space for the lecture AND for an individual critique, send your $10 deposit to Deb Shaw. To schedule an individual session with Susan Frei Nathan contact Deb. Every attempt will be made to schedule BAGSC members who come from far away for the Thursday afternoon sessions after the lecture/discussion. The $50 payment for the individual session can be paid in advance, or the morning of the lecture.

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