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A Rose with Tania Norris’ Name…

by Tania Norris, posted by Deb Shaw

'Tania Norris' roses in full bloom. © Tania Norris, 2014.

‘Tania Norris’ roses in full bloom. © Tania Norris, 2014.

A rose named for Tania Norris, won the highest award, “The Golden Rose of Rose Hills,” given by the international judges at the Annual International Rose Trials on Saturday, October 4, 2015.

The rose, a sport of “Gentle Giant,” was discovered by local rosarian Luis Desamero, and was installed in the Pageant of Roses Garden, Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, in 2013.

Each year, international rose hybridizers give six of their bushes for judging. The first year, the bushes are judged by a local panel of official rose judges. The second year, a panel of international, national and local judges, judge the bushes on foliage, growth, fragrance,  bloom and all phases of the flower as to attractiveness. There are awards given for the best hybrid tea, most fragrant, best floribunda, the best miniature and the best shrub. The bush with the highest points wins “The Golden Rose of Rose Hills.”

The Pageant of Roses Garden is located at 3888 South Workman Mill Road in Whittier, California. The garden was established more than 50 years ago, and today grows approximately 10,000 plants and 300 cultivars. There also are designated garden areas for growing and testing future varieties, under the watchful eyes of the All-America Rose Selections (AARS) and the American Rose Society Award of Excellence Miniature program (AOE). Previous winners of these prestigious awards are displayed throughout the garden.

The garden began the International Rose Trials in 2000, and has gained international recognition for the quality and maintenance of the entries among breeders and introducers alike.

Rosarian Luis Desamero (left) and Tania Norris (right) with the award-winning rose. © Tania Norris, 2014.

Rosarian Luis Desamero (left) and Tania Norris (right) with the award-winning rose. © Tania Norris, 2014.

BAGSC member and past president Tania Norris has been Patron of the International Rose Trials for the past twelve years. She is  founder and Past President of the Beverly Hills Rose Society.

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