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It’s the Annual Dues Time Again!

Our very efficient and proactive Membership Chair, Joann Leonard sent out her annual email reminder notice for membership dues in early December. (Thank you Joann!)

You should be receiving your quarterly December 2007 issue of the ASBA newsletter soon, which announces a membership dues increase for 2008 of $20.00 for the national portion of the dues, approved at their annual Board meeting in Pittsburgh this past September.

At the BAGSC meeting in October, it was voted to keep our local chapter portion of the dues the same (please see your October BAGSC minutes).

What does this increase mean to you as a member of the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California? It means that the cost of a dual ASBA/BAGSC membership will be $85 in 2008 ($60 ASBA + $25 BAGSC). Please send a check for $85 to Membership Chairperson, Joann Leonard at her address in the BAGSC roster, in order to continue your participation in two exciting international organizations. (The exceptions are those new members who joined the Guild in November and so have already paid their dues for the coming year.)

International members will pay $100 in 2008 ($75 ASBA + $25 BAGSC).

To the record number of BAGSC members who have responded promptly and early this year (thank you all!), please send your additional $20.00 to Joann. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have not yet had an opportunity to visit our website, please do so. As a member of the Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California you are entitled to your own gallery page where you can exhibit up to three images of your artwork on the website. Guidelines for submission can be found on the website. Just click the link “For Members Only.”

Thank you. We wish the best to you and yours during this season, and look forward to an exciting 2008.

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