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LA Arboretum Introduction Cards Available for BAGSC Members’ Purchase

by Janice Sharp, posted by Deb Shaw

As you know, BAGSC has produced the first round of the Arboretum Introduction card collection. To get a very good rate for the production of the cards we bought a relatively large number.

We would like to offer members the opportunity to buy copies of the cards, with envelopes and boxes at a price of:

$2.00 per card, in packs of 5 (5 different cards/pack), $10/pack; or,

in packs of 10 (2 cards each of the 5 different cards/pack) $20 per pack.

The cards are beautiful and include a description of the Arboretum, BAGSC, the image and artist on the back. This is a very good price for high quality cards (I know I cannot produce cards at this price). See the original article about the cards, with an image, at

If you would like to buy cards contact Janice Sharp with the number of cards you want to purchase.

We are continuing to print additional cards as members paint the LA Arboretum introductions. Please contact Janice with information about any paintings you are doing. A list of LA Arboretum introductions can be found on our blog at:

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